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Septmber, 1997: We welcome Joshu Skaller to the center. Joshu is replacing Sean Varah who's on leave this year, working as a visiting scholar at Stanford's CCRMA.

June, 1997: Sean's Easy Bins Version 3 was released.

May 30th, 1997: David Taddie presented his work in progress, a piece for orchestra and tape.

March 1996: Our new driver for the AdB Digital Multiwav card was released.

November 17th, 1996: Music from the Harvard Computer Music Center
The Harvard Group for New Music presented a concert of works for tape and instrument written entirely at the Harvard Computer Music Center. Hear recordings of these new works by David Horne, Kurt Stallman, Brian Hulse, and Sean Varah.

May 18th, 1996: David Horne premiered his new work for tape and piano, "Sostenuto."

December 5th, 1995: We had our first concert of computer music. One of the works, David Taddie's Convergences won the Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and Music Teachers National Association-Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year (1995). Hear these works on our recordings page.

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