The Harvard Electronic Music Studio


Ivan Tcherepnin, director



HEMS was founded in 1968 by Leon Kirchner in consultation with Morton Subotnick.

The studios are located in the Music Building in the North Yard of Harvard University. HEMS is a place where research and artistic creation have existed side by side. In addition to the undergraduate courses which are regularly offered in the studio, many independent student projects ranging from composition to computer music programming to psychoacoustic research have been realized there.

Since its onset the principal area of interest at HEMS has been live live electronic processing in performance with acoustic instruments. Eschewing the monolithic and stationary quality of many electronic music facilities, modularity, mobility and flexibility have been enduring guideposts for the developement of the studio since 1972 when Ivan Tcherepnin became its director. In 1994 the Studio welcomed Professor Mario Davidovsky who with the assistance of Sean Varah established the Harvard Computer Music Center.

The HEMS began to integrate computers into its workings since 1979 when interfaces between the analog synthesizers and Apple IIe computers were designed and built by Mark Lentczner and David Wilson. Since then, digital, analog and acoustic means of sound production have co-existed been increasingly intertwined.

Analog synthesizers include an 11 panel Serge Modular System and a three panel Buchla Model 100 system.

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