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Intimate Sound Sculptures: Studio Course

Music 263r. Hans Tutschku

Harvard College/GSAS:92848
Half Course (Fall Term)

The course is designed for Music and VES students to explore sound installations as intimate and private listening experiences. Students will build and compose their works and change the Sert Gallery Cafe at the Carpenter Center into an acoustic search-space. Though, collaboration is part of the course, the final projects will be individual, where all students, independent of their concentration create the sonic components, as well as the visual/tactile/installation-object.

Electroacoustic Composition

Music 167. Hans Tutschku

Fall 2012

The main goal of this course is individual creative work in composition with electronic sound media.  Projects will be realized using recording gear and computers.  We will study relevant aspects of acoustic and electronic theory, compositions of musique concrete and acousmatic music written since 1948, and sampling and digital recording techniques.  The course will cover theoretical topics as well as the basics of using the studio. Section time will address practical and hands-on aspects of the machines, and will provide support in realizing individual projects.

One course in theory/composition or permission of the instructor.

*Course list updated Fall 2012*

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