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HUSEAC is comprised of several intimate workspaces and an affiliated concert hall. Each studio has its own unique complement of tools.

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A quiet nook.

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The Ivan Tcherepnin Room

Room 22 is a hybrid analog/digital studio containing a collection of vintage gear including our venerable Serge and Buchla analog modular synthesizers.

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The original, prototype Serge synthesizer (center) with some later additions.

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Our Buchla 100 series synth. Most of the modules bear the San Francisco Tape Music Center legend.

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Room 33 is our largest and serves as the main classroom.
In addition to discrete eight-channel spatialization, the workstation is used for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound equiped for high-definition video editing.

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Room 31 is our live room. It features variable acoustics.

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Room 32, the control room, looking into Room 31.

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The concert hall we use most.

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