The Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEAC) is part of the Department of Music in Cambridge, MA. The studio's legacy began in 1968 with the establishment of the Harvard Electronic Music Studio by Leon Kirchner (read more). The studio's mission is to provide technology for use by graduate composition students, particularly those working with live electronic processing. Undergraduate access to our facility is limited to those enrolled in electroacoustic seminars. HUSEAC comprises four multi-use facilities which function as classrooms, workspaces, and intimate recording studios. Our Mac-based workstations feature four, eight, and sixteen channel spatialization capability with UHD video editing and a variety of signal processors/synthesizers.

HUSEAC is home to HYDRA, our 40-channel Loudspeaker Diffusion System, designed by HUSEAC Director Hans Tutschku in 2005. Undergraduate courses, such as 167 - Introduction to Electroacoustic Composition, and some advanced seminars culminate in performance with HYDRA. Each semester HUSEAC invites the public to join us for our Spring and Fall concerts in John Knowles Paine Hall. All HUSEAC event invitations are sent through our low-traffic mailing list. To receive invitations to HUSEAC events and HYDRA concerts sign up here. For a closer look, or to watch our new mini-documentary on the system, click here.

- Hans Tutschku, Director