Improvisation - Phillip Golub & Hans Tutschku

Improvisation for Piano and Electronics.
John Knowles Paine Hall
Spring HYDRA Concert - Night I
May 5, 2018

HYDRA 2018

An in-depth conversation about performance with HUSEAC Director Hans Tutschku.
Mini Documentary. 11m 9s.

Badagada - Pamela Z.

Voice and Electronics.
John Knowles Paine Hall
Spring HYDRA Concert - Night I
May 11, 2016

Pneuma(tic) Bodies Response - Hans Tutschku & Jill Johnson

Improvisational response to Silvia Benedito + C. Alexander Häusler's Pneuma(tic) Bodies.
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Gallery Opening Reception
February 3, 2016

Encounter - Hans Tutschku & Vijay Iyer

Improvisation for Piano and Electronics.
John Knowles Paine Hall
Fall HYDRA Concert - Night II
December 10, 2015

The Other Side - Hans Tutschku

Hans Tutschku speaks about his installation, The Other Side, with Lesley Bannatyne.
Radcliffe Institute - Byerly Gallery
March 2014

HYDRA 2015 - Loudspeaker Diffusion System

Hans Tutschku & Tomonari Higaki fine tune HYDRA.
Sound In Space Festival - Northeastern University
May 2015

HYDRA 2012 - Loudspeaker Diffusion System

Visual Documentation of the 2012 HYDRA System.
John Knowles Paine Hall
December 2012


All HUSEAC video content captured and edited by: Seth Torres, HUSEAC Technical Director